Purchasing Process

You have two options to get your Dream Ride from WIOS Lanka Automobiles

Local Sale

Select your dream ride for our Local sale listing or if you wish to sell your ride we are providing free advertisement of your vehicle in our Local Sale listing. We will be listing advertise your selling vehicle in our website as well as on our social media platform for free. Forward your vehicle details and clear images to our email address to get sell it fast.

Direct Import

Order your Dream Ride from WIOS Lanka Automobiles Direct Import facility where you can import your Dream Ride for an affordable and customize manner as you wish. We are hosting Brand New & Re-condition vehicles from Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, and China under two categories.

Auction / One Price Market

Purchase the vehicle you wish to import from Live Auction, One Price Market, or Tender Sales which WIOS Lanka Automobiles are connected over countries such as the United Kindom, Japan, Australia, Thailand, and China. You will facilitate to select your vehicle as per your budget, the desired color, and specifications.

Manufacture’s / Oder Made

If you would like to purchase your ride by Customizing the vehicle specification in Brand New condition this is the best option for you to choose. Tailor-made vehicle as you prefer which leads you to import your Dream Ride. We will be offering you various options to upgrade your ride and always promise to deliver you on time.

Advertise – Sell Vehicle

Advertise you selling vehicle in our Local Sale listing for free

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